August 17, 2009

Today I called to get in to see my counselor again and I am hoping to get my med change started soon so I can cope with things a little better and stop feeling like I'm losing my sh*t.

I also have to say that sharing some things on here has really helped. For some reason, I don't feel as alone and just getting things down in writing has helped me not internalize as much. I want to thank those of you that called to see how I was doing today. To know that there are those of you out there that care about me and are so thoughtful really helped me. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your positive words for me.

Alright...on to more upbeat topics.

Tonight I was able to use some of my frustration to almost completely finish the garage. Check it out!

There a couple things that still need to be organized, I want to get one more shelving unit, and I have like 2 boxes that still need to be moved into the house. However...the van is sleeping in the garage tonight. Woo-Hoo! I know, I'm excited too. I now have more boxes inside to unpack and put away. Boo :(

While Andy and I worked on the garage the girls played, helped some, picked up sticks in the backyard (we put them in a box to bring camping with us this next weekend to use as kindling), and watched the family of squirrels that live in our tree. There are like 4 squirrels that were scurrying around in the two trees in our backyard chasing each other and collecting nuts. In fact they even dropped a few and came close to hitting us. Cassie kept a close eye on them and kept saying they were being brats for dropping things on us.

I also had Kaitlynn tonight and she hung out on a blanket in our front yard playing with some toys and squealing at us.

This picture is when she was getting tired and over the whole being outside thing. I tried taking her for a little bike ride in the child seat on my bike, but the helmet I had for her was a little too big and she wasn't having it. I'm thinking that once my girls are back in school, Kaitlynn and I could go for little rides. I'll have to work on getting a smaller helmet for her though because I know the fresh air will do us both good.

For now Kaitlynn enjoys watching out our front windows which are low to the ground. She pulls herself up and passes time by the windows watching for cars and other people.