Summarized Randomness

Alright, I didn't get to post this afternoon. It is now 9:00pm and I'm trying to type up something to post, get a new banner up, and listen for Cassie and Kalli while Andy feeds Kaitlynn her bottle. No pressure though, really.

There is so much I wanted to post about. However, did I mention the shortness of time to post? So...I'm going to summarize some things and hope to get to others tomorrow.

-Our fourth of July weekend was wonderful. We started off on Thursday going up north by my Aunt and spending the night there. There was much four-wheeling, visiting, and sitting by the fire. Girls were very tired by the time we headed in to go to bed.

-Friday night we spent at my brother's where we ate, watched big fireworks, and were merry. The fireworks were awesome as it was our very own display put on by my brother and his girlfriend. Kalli ate the good part of an entire watermelon on her own, Cassie got to play some video games with Tony, and by the end of the night both girls were exhausted.

-Saturday we spent the day at my parents (painting because we're weird like that) and went to watch the city fireworks that evening with some of Andy's family and my family. Again...girls were exhausted.

-Sunday was mainly spent recovering. Kalli and I slept for 2 hours out in the hammock in my parents' backyard.

- Today I started packing. I had 3 boxes packed by the time Andy got home and we packed more once he was here to assist. A few small areas are cleaned out. Too bad we still have tons to go.

Here is the first box I packed. Exciting, eh? Lightning thought so...he was checking the box out.

Then, I think Lightning got worried because he jumped in the next box I was packing. Almost as if he is saying, 'don't forget me!' Don't worry...I didn't let him stay in there. I mean 3 weeks is a lot of time to spend in a box waiting. However, I didn't feel too bad packing up the girls' games. They'll live without those for 3 weeks. I know I will! much more I could type about, but baby is asleep and Andy wants to lay her down. Have I mentioned how much I like my niece. There is something else to blog about. She is growing so much lately. For now though, you'll have to believe me. Scary thought, huh?