July 15, 2009

Packing is a time consuming pastime. I feel like every night I pack between 8-10 boxes and yet, there is still more to pack. Mind you some of the boxes are smaller, but still. Seriously, who put all of this stuff in my home? I've been trying to purge as I go, throwing what is no good any longer and putting some things aside for the rummage sale. However, it still leaves a lot that needs to be brought to the new place. And somehow I seem to be the only person that can actually pack it.

So, for the past week, I've spent my days entertaining the children, feeding them, and such. They are such needy little beings. Then, after Andy is home and dinner is eaten, I pack until about 9:30pm when I pretty much crash into bed. (This is the part where you all nod completely understanding why I haven't posted in so long) (Go ahead and nod...I'll wait....)

In this whole packing process things have been getting so out of order. We have empty boxes in the hall, full boxes waiting to be hauled out each evening, and order of other things is not really being kept. I'm really trying to ignore it as it is a work in progress, but it is driving my OCD tendency through the roof. However, the cats are loving all the sleeping places. Either that or they are worried about being left behind.

The other day Kalli was talking about our upcoming move and we had the following conversation.

K: Are the kitties going to be able to come with us?
M: Of course. We wouldn't ever move somewhere that they couldn't come with to.
K: How about my stuffed animals? Can they come?
M: Yes we'll be bringing all your animals.
K: Can my toys come too?
This is where I informed her that anything that was 'ours' was going to come with us unless it was attached to the ground or a large appliance. It seemed to make her feel better.

The other day while fighting to get to sleep (which is an every night event for me) I came up with a brilliant idea. I took the rolling suitcases that my mom got for the girls and told Cassie and Kalli that when it came to moving day they would be in charge of packing all their Webkinz and blankies. They would also be in charge of making sure to get those suitcases to the new place. Wanna take a guess at who has already packed most of their animals?

This past weekend a pool was purchased for the girls by my mom to have at her house. Monday and today, the girls and I headed over to grandma and grandpa's during the day to cool off. The pool is 10' across, can get up to 3 feet deep, and the girls adore it. I also am very fond of it as 1. It's deep enough for me to float around in or just play with the kids in 2. both girls are getting over any hesitation they had to get their faces wet and Cassie is getting very close to floating on her back. 3. it is in the privacy of my parents' fenced in backyard...therefore making me more comfortable to be in my swimsuit.

And because I had mentioned this in a past post...I wanted to show you proof. My niece, Kaitlynn, is now 7.5 months old and growing so quickly. She now gets onto hands and knees and rocks. She also pulls up from sitting to standing. And...if she has something to hold onto...stands on her own. It's just crazy how quickly she is growing. Or maybe I'm just noticing more because it isn't my child and I can step back to enjoy and see everything. I love how in this picture she seems to be looking down at the floor like 'how'd you get so far away?'