July 7, 2009

So this was suppose to get posted about a week ago, but I sucked at getting around to proofing it. Therefore you get it now.

As I posted previously, we will be moving in one month. I'm already finding myself looking around and trying to figure out where things are going in the new place. I'm also wondering if it is too early to start packing.

The same square footage will be about the same as we have now only spread over two floors and we will gain a basement that is half finished. In the unfinished part there are hookups for a washer and dryer and there is shelving for storage. (the word storage is so exciting to me and when I say it I can almost hear angels singing) We also gain more privacy because we will only have one home attached to ours and our backyard won't face a main road. While our backyard won't be huge and it sports two large trees that take up a good part of the yard, it'll still be nice to have a backyard. Plus it will be nice and shady. Which means that on the hot days that I have to fight to get the girls outside I may have a chance. And did I mention the increase in privacy?

I'm also looking forward to the half finished basement. We will be using this area to contain all of the girls' toys, some furniture, and a tv. It'll be our 'family' room and where we can hang out and relax all together. This also means that I won't have toys on the main level of my home. (yeah!) And the girls' bedroom will be just that...a 'bed' room.

The things that I'm excited about may seem silly, but they are things that bother me here where we are living now. Storage, the mess of toys, and privacy. I'm looking forward to the move and hoping to stay somewhat sane during this time.

So things have been kinda busy around here. I'm hoping that tomorrow during the day I can get my new banner up and a post done about how our 4th of July weekend was. No promises though...