Weekend Recap

Friday: Andy gets home from work and after a while, heads to the driving range to meet up with my brother, his girlfriend, and a few other people. I stay home and clean. Fun, eh?

Saturday: New landlord dude comes over so that we can hammer out details, ask any questions we have, and sign lease for new place. Yeah! We then head to my parents for visiting and to get laundry washed. While there I get blamed for overflowing the washer even though I insist that I didn't overload the washer. No one believes me. :( It is later found out that the washer is leaking. HA! Not my fault...take that you non-believers.

Now comes the good part. Andy and I head home to get ready for a fun evening out. At about 830 we get a call from my brother who tells me that he is watching the girls because my mom has taken my dad to the ER for the chest pains that he is having. My exact response: Oh Shit.

I spent the rest of the evening bonding with my brother and his girlfriend while waiting for news. Then I spent the beginning of the next morning up at the hospital sitting with my mom until my dad was admitted.

Sunday: Slept in because OMG going to bed after 4am makes getting up early difficult. Got donuts for everyone to have for breakfast. Helped finish painting my parent's kitchen. Took the girls up to hospital to see my dad because he was staying to have some testing done Monday morning. Home to get girls to bed and relax because my goodness we are tired.

Today my dad went home from the hospital and his heart is okay. He does have Pneumonia though. I know...we're confused by that one as well.

So, tell me, don't I know how to have a good time?