June 29, 2009

As I sit here typing this I am child-free. And it is 2:43 on a Monday. How is it that I am able to do this? Well...The girls have new friends. Today we were outside and the girls were playing with chalk and bubbles and we noticed a little girl that looked about Cassie's age standing outside the house across the street. She was just watching Cassie and Kalli playing.

Hmmm...I thought to myself. Wonder if she wants to play. I asked the girls if we should go over and say hi. Cassie, of course, said "" She isn't real good at the meeting new people thing. Just like me when I was younger. I used to like to sit in the background wishing that I could talk to new people, but not sure how to go about it. (Side note...I still do this some) Tony, would just walk up to kids and say "wanna be my friend?" I'd watch him thinking, 'it can't be that easy...I don't know how to do it.'

But I digress. After a little bit I saw what looked like 2 more young girls across the street looking at Cassie and Kalli. I told the girls, let's go say hi. And we did. We made our way over there to meet the 3 little girls that live over there now. The oldest is 9, middle is 6, and youngest is 5. And of the three the little girl is the talker. She invited Cassie and Kalli into the backyard to see stuff and we all followed. There, I met the mom...who like me is a stay at home mom. The girls ran around playing, the mom and I talked, we went inside to see the place, and the girls played more. I spent about 1.5-2 hours talking with the mom and watching the girls play. The best part is when the middle girl asked if she could go over to 'her new friends' house'. We agreed that today they would play there and tomorrow we could play here. (Down side of this is the fact that tomorrow I'll have 5 kids here...but I can live with it because my girls have new friends.)

So right now I'm sitting here loving the fact that I'm child-free. And not because I can get stuff done, but because I know that not only do my girls have more friends, but because their mom said that her girls were worried about making friends here and I've helped to ease that.

Announcement time: In one month, we'll be moving. We are moving to a duplex that it exactly 1.3 miles from where we are now. We're very excited about the move and are hoping to keep the girls at the same school. I'm working on it because according to where the place is, they should be going to a different school, but isn't that far away from where we are now.

As Cassie was following her new friends around she looked at me and said, "Now I wish we weren't moving". I told her that we aren't going that far and that she can still play with these girls. The mom, even agreed saying that they could absolutely still play together.

And besides...they have a whole summer in front of them.

I'm off to get some stuff done now. Wish me luck on getting my kids home later.

FYI: there will hopefully be another post tonight about my weekend. Unless I'm dragging my kids kicking and screaming from across the street. In which case, that'll be a story. I'll try to get Andy to take pictures of the scene.