June 24, 2009

This past weekend we had a camping trip to Kettle Moraine campground. It is located on a lake therefore swimming this early in the summer was completely possible. And that is exactly what we did both days that we spent there. It was wonderful to cool off each day and the girls had a blast swimming around on their noodles and playing in the sand.

I have to say that the best part of the weekend was that the weather worked in our favor and overall everyone was pleasant. Kalli, however, gave a fight (meaning she whined and cried) every meal about not wanting to eat the actual meal. She did however want dessert...lets not be silly. I didn't give in to this and you would think that she would get the idea, but she is strong willed (read: stubborn as a mule) and therefore kept trying.

We also had a visitor at our campsite that stuck around all morning and allowed me to get lots of pictures. Becky and the girls named her Sun Flower (or Sunny for short). If you think that the name is funny, please keep in mind that one of the names Kalli put out there for Becky's unborn baby is 'Sleeping Beauty Sleeping *last name*'.

I thought the coolest part was that the top of the wings were blue while the underside was orange.

Tonight Cassie had baseball. I can sum up the evening with one word. Hot. At 8:30, while we were driving home from the game, the temperature was 90 degrees.

Cassie pitched during the second inning and I have to say that she is getting much better at pitching. It's easy to see that she loves pitching and she asks every week to pitch. Tonight a couple of the moms even said that she does a good job and looks so happy out there pitching. Though her buddy isn't a fan of Cassie pitching. For some reason her buddy, Lauren, is worried about being hit by a ball coming at them. (her duty if a ball comes towards them is to not let it hit Cassie)

Tonight Cassie hit balls that were pitched to her in both innings. It took a couple pitches, but she did it. And after the first hit she headed to her base...right after she first headed to third base. She does this one time in every game. I think that what happens is that when she hits that first ball she is just so excited that she actually hit the ball and she just goes without really thinking.

I find Cassie's games quite entertaining. It is a lot like watching a 3-ring circus. If you look away you will miss something. During the second inning, for example, one boy was doing his laps that he does while in the outfield, with buddy following. One girl headed to the dugout because she had seen a bee and her buddy was trying to get her to come back out to the outfield. Another girl never left the dugout because she didn't want to play no matter how much her buddy tried. And our first baseman went to check out the left field with his buddy trying to get him back to first base. I watch and laugh because it really is entertaining. Then again maybe I'm just easily entertained.