Wisconsin Dells - Day 2

So I'm continuing going over our Dells trip for you. On my last post I went over our first day sharing a few pictures.

On Tuesday we woke early and headed to breakfast at Paul Bunyan's. Totally yummy food. After which we headed to Carr's Cheese Factory to watch cheese being made. Sounds a little like it would be like watching paint dry, but I don't think it was at all. We watched a video on the process and then watched as they finished making some pepper jack cheese. Then we went around back and watched them coat some wheels of cheese in wax. I was entertained. And to top it off we got free samples of fresh cheese. Tony even bought some cheese curds for us to eat. They were so deliciously squeaky!

After the cheese factory I gave Kalli a dose of Dramamine and we started our trip back home stopping along the way to take pictures of a waterfall and for ice cream.

Kalli made it home without any vomiting and Cassie watched movies, only asking every 45 minutes or so if we were home yet. I call that a success. The following picture is a shot I took while driving. I had looked up in my rear view mirror and saw Kalli laying against Cassie sleeping while Cassie watched a movie. I have no idea why Cassie had her blanket on under the headphones...there are some things I just don't ask. I grabbed my camera, aimed blankly into the backseat and got this shot.

When we did arrive home we unpacked some and then sat around staring into space. I have yet to figure out how it is that a vacation can take so much out of you. I was exhausted.

There...You are pretty much up to date. Not much to report. The girls are both dealing with allergies along with myself, but we're dealing; Saturday is Kalli's birthday so she is talking about that about 85% of the time; and I can tell that school is beginning to wind down for both of the girls. I'm actually not completely dreading this summer, which I find a little surprising. I have a couple things planned to do with them and as long as they don't fight constantly we should have a fun summer. A couple months ago I sat the girls down after they had been arguing for a while and told them that they are now old enough to try working things out on their own some. I also told them that I was NOT going to listen to them fight all summer. I may have also threatened to put them both in time out until daddy got home every day if they did fight. Since then things have been a little better.