Kalli's Birthday

This past Saturday was Kalli's 5th birthday. I can not believe that my girlie is already 5. It's just crazy.

We celebrated her birthday by first having one of her friend's over the day before. There was an end of the year party at Bay Beach for Kalli's 4K program. We met up with Kalli's friend there and they rode some rides together. We then came home and the girls helped make and decorate cupcakes. What I realized while having Kalli's friend here is that they are very much alike and it gave me the feeling of how it would feel if Kalli were a twin. Let me just say that I'm glad that Kalli isn't a twin.

Kalli and her friend on the boats

On Kalli's birthday we had family over for lunch, cake, and ice cream. And because Kalli requested it, we opened gifts before eating anything. She had a blast and made quite a haul. I have to say that she is most definitely spoiled. But she was good about getting her gifts and has been sharing with Cassie in the past couple days.

After gifts and sloppy joes, we had cake. I had ordered Kalli a Tinker Bell cake and she was thrilled with it. Though, honestly, after the candles were blew out the cake didn't matter because Kalli was more interested in playing with all her new toys. Fortunately, the weather was gorgeous on her day and she was able to play outside with her toys and some of her guests.

Looking back 5 years ago, the thing that I remember most about the days after her birth was showing off her feet to any person that visited. She had such long feet and I loved to show them off. And now Kalli has more shoes then Andy and I combined. Kalli also thinks that any time she finds a shoe in her size (and she knows her size) she needs to buy them.

What a peanut. Happy Birthday, Kalli Jean Bean.


Tony said...

So, no mention of what her favorite gift was... as promised! :-\