Wisconsin Dells - Day 1

How is it that you never realize how much you love your own bed, pillow, and home until you go on vacation?

Last night I had what is probably the best night sleep in months. I crawled into my bed, cuddled into my pillow, and decided to never leave it again. Of course I will when we camp later this summer, but by then I will forget how in love with my bed and pillow I really am. Luckily my pillow and bed always take me back.

We had a wonderful vacation, minus finding out that Kalli gets car sick. When we arrived in Wisconsin Dells we went to the Wisconsin Deer Park. Cassie was completely unsure of walking with and alongside real live deer, but I told her that she had no choice. By the end of the walk around the park, Cassie was feeding the deer, petting them, and walking beside them. Not only was I impressed with Cassie overcoming a fear, but I also was impressed because she walked the entire thing with her crutches and didn't once ask for her wheelchair.

After the deer park we headed to a local park for a picnic lunch. The girls played some and we tried to figure out what we wanted to do next. The vote was that we go walk around downtown and the shops for a bit while. The clouds were beginning to dissipate and we knew warmer temperatures were on their way.

Next, we headed to Red Ridge Riding Stable. (try saying that 3 times fast) My brother, his girlfriend, the girls, Andy, and I all took a trail ride on horses. Cassie and Kalli were in all their glory. The rest of us enjoyed it as well. We were all sore when we dismounted an hour later. Today, 2 days later, my inner thighs and hips are still sore. I think I'm getting old. Cassie has already decided that she wants to go back. In fact, she would really like to go to camp there for a week. Obviously she knows nothing about the cost of living in the Dells for a week and paying for a week long camp. I am, however, thrilled that she enjoyed herself. Cassie loves horses, yet when she heard that she was going to ride by herself she wasn't sure she wanted to do it. I, again, told her that she had to. About half way through the ride, her horse (Breeze) decided that the grass along the trail looked tasty and stopped for a bite. Cassie very easily pulled on the reins and directed Breeze back to follow Kalli's horse (which was being rope led by the trail guide) I was proud of her and told her this later when we talked about our day. Cassie told me that she was very nervous at first, but kept talking to herself in her head and calmed herself down. I informed her that this is a very good skill and that she did just what she should have. She can't let her fears keep her from doing things. Kalli enjoyed herself as well...let's put it this way...she smiled the entire ride.

We finished our adventures by riding on the Original Ducks. This is a 8.5 mile tour on and off of land. It was a windy and cool ride, but the girls enjoyed it. Cassie laughed at almost all the corny jokes the guide made (completely Cassie's humor) and towards the end she told me that the guide liked making jokes a little too much. Kalli spent her ride wrapped in a blanket that my mom was smart enough to bring.

After dinner at the Pizza Pub (recommended by Becky) we retired to the hotel where the girls swam and stayed up late watching TV.

Watch for Day 2 to be posted tomorrow.