May 31, 2009

Allergies are kicking my behind. I feel like this week I've spent my days sitting staring into space while inhaling and exhaling. And that alone was exhausting. Usually I end up covered in itchy hives by this point of the year, however this year I haven't had a horrible time with hives. Instead I find myself wheezing and wondering why it is so necessary to breathe. I don't know what changed that now has my allergies becoming more respiratory and I'm not sure weather to be thankful or not. I appreciate not having to scratch obsessively as if infested with fleas and I enjoy not being covered in scabs that prove that I was scratching obsessively. However, I don't enjoy the looks I get as wheeze, turn a beautiful shade of red and cough up a half a lung. Fortunately, I hear you can survive on only 1.5 lungs. The best part of today was after one of my coughing fits. As I sat there gasping, trying to get oxygen back to my system, Kalli came over, rubbed my back, and said, "you have allergies, don't you?" I do love that girl!

Just for the record, I am working on a real post. It seems that when your head is stuffy and you feel crappy, humor and writing are slow at coming. Wondering what I've been doing lately? Refer back to the above and the sitting while inhaling and exhaling. Breathing is hard work when it doesn't want to come naturally.

And in answer to my brother's comment to Kalli's Birthday post. At first when I asked Kalli what her favorite present was she said she didn't know...there were too many to choose from. By the next day though, she was saying her big Tinker Bell doll. However, in fairness to other gift givers, if you gave outdoor things, she hasn't gotten a lot of time to play with them. Due to the 3 days of rain this past week and the fact that she does have to attend that pesky school. Luckily, she only had one and a half weeks of school left. She is done on the 10th of June, while Cassie is done on the 11th. Can you hear the excitement in the air?


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