New banner up. Yeah! And it's only the second day of the month. I rock!

This weekend marks the opening of Cassie's season of softball/baseball. She will be playing for the Miracle League, which is a League for kids that can't play on regular softball/baseball teams for whatever reason. Her team is 'The Reds' and she is extremely excited. I can't count the number of times this week that she has said that she wishes 'tomorrow was Saturday'. If you couldn't guess, Saturday is opening day and her first game. Wanna come? Let me know if you don't already have a schedule.


The other day I looked outside to see a baby robin on the girls' picnic table. I grabbed my camera and got several good shots. One of which is of a parent coming back with a worm to feed baby. It was interesting to watch. Not so interesting for me a couple days later when I had to clean all the bird poop off of the table for the girls.


So I've tried not to post a whole lot about this next topic. Mainly because, well...she isn't mine to post about. But I just can't help myself! My littlest niece, Kaitlynn, is now 6 months old and growing at a rapid rate. Today I had her for a couple hours while her mom and dad packed for a vacation their family will be going on. I did a small photo shoot outside with my girls and Kaitlynn and we played some before Andy got home from work. I'm hoping these pictures will hold me for the 10 days that they are on vacation. (Sad bit of info...I've never gone 10 days without seeing Kaitlynn in the 6 months that she's been living on the outside. I know...I'm very sad. What can I say? I love babies!)


For about the past month, our local water tower has had a lot of commotion going on at its site. We've been watching curiously to see what they are doing, but had no luck. (Andy wouldn't let me stop and ask) Then, the other day we stopped nearby so that I could get this picture.

Alright? So I've been thinking about what this could possibly be about...

1. the water tower wanted some privacy for a shower.
2. E.T. crashed and this is a cover up. Or some other SciFi mission
3. they are sand blasting/painting the tower
My thought is that the only probable answer is one of the first 2. Don't you agree?

We are down to the last week of school. I'm surprisingly not as nervous about it as I was last year. I think part of it has to do with the fact that the girls are a little older and therefore can entertain themselves a little more. The other part is that I feel like I know what to expect. Also...I've already threatened them with time outs if they fight constantly. I believe what I actually said was "I will not have you fighting like this all summer. If you do, I will put you each in your own time out spot every day until daddy gets home from work" Shockingly enough, they haven't really fought much since then. Let's just add this to another one of those things I never thought I'd be saying as a parent.