May 3, 3009

New banner up. A couple days late, but better late then never. I had it finished two weeks ago, but wasn't really on the computer at all this weekend to change it. Like it??

This weekend was opening weekend for our local amusement park, Bay Beach. And because we are complete crazy, we (the girls, my baby niece, my parents, Andy and I) went. I'm blaming this fact on my mom who told Kalli that we could go on Sunday. Let's just say that Kalli woke this morning and the first words out of her mouth were, "We get to go to Bay Beach today." That girl forgets nothing.

I have to admit that the crowd wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. The girls had a blast and the weather was absolutely gorgeous. Even Kaitlynn enjoyed being outside and people watching.

Cassie and Kalli went on tons of rides including the fighting planes... where they look very Charlie Angels.

They also went on the Ferris Wheel with daddy. While I watched on with extreme anxiety. At one point I actually was having trouble breathing. Have I mentioned how much I hate heights and Ferris Wheels in general? Add the fact that my bay-bees were up so high and not with both feet on the ground and you'll understand why most of the time I was turned with my back to the enormous wheel with my hand to my chest reminding myself to breathe and concentrate on this cute little face.

You'll never catch me up there with the girls. My poor brave bay-bees! Instead I went on the Tilt-a-Whirl with them. Something you'll never catch Andy doing. I'm glad we each have our areas of expertise.

Once home tonight we hung out outside with the girls. Cassie and Kalli played with their moon sand, brought some stuffed animals outside, and even ate dinner at their little picnic table. I know that there is rain on it's way later this week so I'm trying to be outside with the girls as much as possible to suck up that vitamin D and enjoy the spring sites.