April 29, 2009

I've created monsters. Today both the girls asked to go down to Baird's Creek at different times. I love that they want to go down there and hike, however, my allergy ridden body can't take going down there everyday so early in the season. I have to let my body work up to everyday maximum exposures.

So instead we took the girls for ice cream for dessert tonight. They were happy until we went to leave and then they asked again about going down to Baird's Creek. At least they are consistent.

I have a problem that I need help with. Therefore, I'm going to put it out there for you.

Every day I clean. Not always a deep cleaning, but I pick up all the main rooms and vacuum. By the time I get up the next morning, things are all a disarray again. For example, tonight I sat with the girls in their room while they picked up all their toys and put them away. Then, I took care of dirty clothes that ended up in there somehow...though nobody did it. However, I know that by tomorrow morning it will be a mess again. I'll end up having to straighten things before I can dust and vacuum.

So, here is what I need help with. I need ideas on how to build a trap that will catch whatever it is that is messing up my home. I'm sure it is a leprechaun or something else little and sassy. I'll be taking ideas and thoughts on this subject until my problem is cleared up.

Also if anyone knows who or what is making all the dirty dishes and messing up my bathroom (which I straighten at least 3 times a day), I'd appreciate help there as well.


Tony said...

I couldn't stay away for this one.. I got an idea, it involves a dog cage big enough to fit two small children and a xbox. First give the controller for the xbox to Andy, then put something both girls love in the cage, when they go in to get it or play with it, lock it. From there you can go on doing your normal activities, with no worry about anything becoming messy when you are not paying attention.