May 4, 2009

Tonight we had hamburgers for dinner. I started the grill, put the burgers on, and came back into the apartment to saute mushrooms for Andy and my burgers. When I went to check on the burgers again something was off. Like the fire. We were out of gas. And let me tell you this...when you have a gas grill, running out of gas kinda kills the grilling aspect of cooking food.

Andy headed to get a refill of propane while I did non-cooking things in the apartment. (I was going to say he went to get gas, but that just seemed like too much information)

While he was gone Cassie and Kalli were playing outside. Kalli was tossing the ball to Cassie and Cassie was hitting the ball. Let me tell you that Cassie is awesome at hitting a ball...she connects with the ball almost every pitch. However, she isn't so good at hitting it into the same spot. I turn to see Kalli crying because Cassie had hit the ball and connected with Kalli's cheek. Kalli sat on her slide crying while Cassie apologized whole-heartedly. When that didn't work Cassie called for me.

Me: I see Kalli.

(I would have been more concerned if it wouldn't have been just a very light-weight wiffle-like ball. I watch as she just sits with her hand over her cheek crying)

Me: Kalli...
Kalli: (in whining crying voice) Huh
Me: Are you bleeding?
Kalli: (Still crying) No...
Me: Is anything broken?
Kalli: (continuing to cry) No...
Me: Then you are okay.

(Kalli then comes in by me in the kitchen)

Kalli: (more whining then crying) Cassie hit me in the face
Me: I know... she said that she was sorry.
Kalli: (whining..I think you get the point) But it hurt
Me: Yes, but are you bleeding?
Kalli: no
Me: Is anything broken?
Kalli: no
Me: Then you are okay.

Kalli then walks outside and says very matter-of-fact to Cassie...."mom said that I'm not bleeding or broken so I'm okay" God, I love that child!

Just to note...Later in the evening Cassie hit a ball pitched by Andy and line drove it to...uhm...a part of his body that he finds very important. While it didn't hurt, it was shocking for him. Cassie, however, found it hilarious and spent like 5 minutes almost falling over from laughter.

Let's just say it'll be an interesting summer.