May 14, 2009

My life, while I love it, kinda sucks lately. Last week I had a couple of instances where I wanted to say 'why me' and this week instances are continuing. Would you like a few examples? Let me count the ways...

1. Last week in the mail I recieved notice from our local DMV that I'm due to have my license renewed. This means that I have to pay to get a new little card with all my info on it and that I have to get my picture taken again. UGH

2. This wasn't bad enough, right? Yeah, well then a couple days later I get a letter in the mail from my local circuit court. It was a summons to be a juror for a whole week in late June. Seriously? Not only do I not really want to have to be a juror, but I also am looking at the fact that my kids will be out of school by this time and I am the person that watches them every day. So what is it that I'm suppose to do with the girls while I'm at court? I biggest hope it that I don't end up having to go. A girl can hope.

3. The most recent thing that happened was this morning. I woke up and it was 7:45. The girls start to get jackets and backpacks on at 8:00. Kalli was still in bed with me sleeping and Cassie is out on the couch watching cartoons in her jammies. (actually she is just in her underwear because she strips during the night/early morning. We're working on trying to get her to keep her pjs on) Usually the latest I get up is 7:15 and that is pushing it.

Luckily Cassie had eaten...she is very into making her own breakfast lately. I get up and come into the living room telling Cassie to start getting her braces on and letting her know that we have to hurry. She then informed me that she had tried calling my name to wake me and that I didn't wake up. My alarm had been going off on my phone and it never woke me either and then, after so long, turned itself off.

I'll admit that I've been very tired lately. I've stopped laying down with Kalli too because I'm trying to get more done. Plus, ya know, the fact that I'm an adult and shouldn't have to take naps. I've always needed more sleep then most people though and I think that today proved the fact that I should get to sleep a little earlier. Either that or buy a gong to wake me in the morning.