May 11, 2009

Kalli didn't go to school today. Instead she went to the dentist for xrays. Remember back in April when she fell on her face and looked like she just had botox? Yeah...well last week I noticed that one of her front teeth was gray. After brushing it good it still looked gray. This is when my brain engaged and I remembered her fall. I called the dentist and the appointment was made. Turns out that her tooth is 'dead'.

As of this moment she is keeping the tooth until it falls out naturally. However, I have to watch for infection of the root. If this happens then she will have to have it pulled. We're hoping to go the natural way. I don't want to be the person to tell Kalli that they are going to pull her very intact tooth out.

Tonight we were at my aunt's house and the girls were having turns riding on the 4-wheeler. Now I wasn't there when this happened but my aunt told me about it later.

Cassie, Andy, and my aunt were standing watching Kalli and I on the 4-wheeler and also watching the cows that live at my aunt's place. Suddenly one of the bulls jumped onto a cow. Now you and I know's spring...everything is twitterpated. Cassie saw this, though and laughed out loud saying, "look at what the bull is doing. he's jumping on the cow." She doesn't know about twitterpation yet.

The picture, though, I got before the following happened...another example of the cows 'playing' together. If you look past the cows in the front to the black and white bull in the back you'll see what I accidently caught. Cow porn.


And because I didn't get a chance to get on the computer yesterday. I hope that everyone had a pleasant Mother's Day. I know that I did. I spent the morning with my mommy and the afternoon at my sister-in-law, Trina's, house having a bbq with Andy's side of the family and Trina's parents. A good time was had by everyone and Trina put on quite a spread. (Thanks Trina)

Tomorrow I'm making dinner for my parents to thank my mom for giving birth to me. With the fact that I pooped on her right after I was born, she deserves more then a dinner, but I do what I can.