The Dells - a snippet of the first day

This morning Andy and I were up bright and early to finish packing before we got the girls up and dressed. Have I ever told you about how well Kalli wakes up in the morning? isn't pretty. Or pleasant. Once everyone was up and dressed we loaded up the car and headed out.

Our destination was WI Dells for an overnight vacation with my brother, his girlfriend, and my parents. The furthest we've ever taken the girls is weekend camping trips to a locale that is about 1.5-2 hours away. This trip was going to test them since it was a 3.5-4 hour car ride. We were prepared though with a few toys, video games, and the portable DVD player. However, we weren't prepared for when Kalli threw up. Yup, we were almost to the half way mark when Kalli vomited. We pulled over (luckily we were on a country-type road) and I cleaned her up. I also got out the throw-up bag that I had saved from the hospital. (from our many trips to the hospital I've saved up the little bags and stashed them here and our camping things, the car, the first aide kit at home, etc.) Once we arrived at our half way mark we stopped for something to eat. Kalli seemed fine, but as soon as we were on the road for a while again she got sick. I assure you that this wasn't in the 'mother's guide to parenting' handbook. I've checked.

Once we arrived in the Dells Kalli was back to her normal self. I've decided that she more then likely was car sick and I've already purchased motion-sickness meds for when we head home tomorrow.

I have several pictures to share, but it is already well after 11 and we are getting up early to head for a delicious breakfast at Paul Bunyans so I'll leave you with a picture and tell you more about our adventures tomorrow night.