Ears. Falling. Off.

Tonight Cassie is spending the night at my parents. Kalli is here with me. Keeping me company. Kinda. Have I mentioned the fact that she talks CONSTANTLY?? She does.

I'm sitting here trying to fix up some pictures I took earlier today and she talking non-stop. Half of it is not even directed towards me. Therefore I only listen about a quarter of the time. That is until I hear her saying that my clock is cheating. Huh?

Me: What did you say?
Kalli: Your clock is cheating.
Me: How is my clock cheating?
Kalli: The last number is cheating.
Me: What do you mean the last number is cheating?
Kalli: It is going faster then all the other numbers. It is cheating.
Me: oh. That is how it is suppose to work. The last number changes the most.
Kalli: Na-uh. My clock doesn't do that. Your clock is cheating.
Me: O-kay.

I gave up at that point of the conversation. My clock is cheating. I bet it even cheats more during the night. That is probably why I feel like I don't get much sleep.


I just asked Kalli to stop talking for a little bit. She looked completely dejected and went out in the living room to whine. I went out to talk to her and told her that my ears hurt and are going to fall off from listening to everything that she is saying. She then said, " No...they are stuck to your head. They will never fall off." This is when I said ok and walked away. Pick your fights, Paula, Pick your fights. She is still going on (following me) about how "they are stuck to your head forever and won't fall off. Never!"

Seriously...I understand how my parents felt when I was younger and I talked constantly. Or how my babysitter's daughter felt when she said that her ears hurt from listening to me. Cause my ears do hurt.

Alright. I'm going to go lay down and hopefully get Kalli to cuddle with me and fall asleep. Because when she is asleep - she doesn't talk. With my luck she'll start talking in her sleep now.