Easter, Days Off, and Botox

Yesterday was Easter and I was woken up at 7:30 by a phone call from a little girl squealing, "mom, the easter bunny came!"

The girls had spent the night at my mom's and called to say that there were eggs everywhere. When Andy and I got there the girls went to work at finding the 54 eggs that were hidden throughout the front and side yards. The girls had a blast and I was able to get a one or two pictures. I have to admit that it was easier to get pictures in previous years when they each moved a little slower. This year they both were off running to find eggs.

This year we also didn't put the girls in their Easter dresses for Easter. Instead I got pictures taken...they are in later this week for me to pick up. And seeing as neither of the girls would cooperate with me on Easter to get a nice picture, I'm glad I got professional pictures done.

Later in the day Andy and I took the girls across the street to the park to fly kites. They both held the kites until Kalli accidentally let go of hers sending Andy running after it. Though he did catch it, Kalli didn't want to hold it anymore and Cassie followed her lead of heading to the equipment to play leaving Andy and I to fly kites.

So that was Easter. Hope that yours was good too. :)

That brings us to today. And I have a couple things to say about today.

1. I don't like days off of school...summer is going to be rough.

2. Grocery shopping with the girls sucks. Cassie keeps asking if we are done and saying that we are getting A LOT of groceries. It wasn't even a huge shopping day. I felt like looking at her and saying, "Well, stop eating so much"

3. Andy took the girls outside to play after supper. They had a great time until it was time to come in and Kalli did a faceplant...on the cement. I heard a howl from the hallway and knew it was probably my child. Andy carried her in and handed her to me. I assessed the damage and was glad to see a trip to the ER was not in order. She just cut her upper lip and scrapped her chin and under-nose. Is under-nose even a body part? She was hurting for the remainer of the night complaining that her teeth were hurting. There is something else to keep an eye on for the next couple weeks.

Did I mention the fact that she isn't very graceful? However...she looks like a star now. At least her lip does. Who's up for Botox?