More predictable then Mother Nature

Cue music....

It's the most wonderful time of the year. There are buds that are budding and things that are growing and Paula's itchyyyyyy. It's the Most Wonderful Time.....of the YEEEEAAAAARRRRRR!

The past couple days have been absolutely beautiful. In fact, today we made it up to 70 degrees. It is like Mother Nature finally got the memo that it is spring. The grass is greening up, buds are beginning to grow in size and look like they are about to burst. And, the most sure sign that spring is upon us, last night I broke out in hives.

Yup...I'm more predictable then Mother Nature. And a lot itchier.

When I break out in hives, I try to hold out on taking my meds for as long as I can stand because they make me just want to sleep. Sure I don't itch anymore, but I can't keep my eyes open either. However, after watching me scratch for some time today my mom and Andy insisted that I take my medicine. I did, (see...I listen sometimes) and now all I want is to lay down. Darn drugs!

However, it is 8:00 pm and I have to be up early tomorrow for the rummage sale that I'm sitting at so I'm going to take this opportunity to get some extra rest. It isn't's the drugs.