April 15, 2009

Tonight Kalli had her school concert. And I have to say her school expects a lot from 4 year olds. You see, I would be impressed if they all stood up there and there were no criers or kids running a muck. Kalli's class, though, had costumes. AND a costume change!

Now mind you there were 40 four year olds and two, count them, two teachers. I guess these teachers were suppose to handle all 40 kids by themselves and get costumes changed and such. Yeah...I didn't see it working out either. Therefore I volunteered to help. I'd stay with kids helping everyone get ready and lined up. Help keep the kids quiet and in line. Then when they went up on stage I would hurry to watch them with my parents, Cassie, and Andy before taking off again to help heard children.

It was an exhausting night, but I have to say that the kids all did very well. Kalli was warm by the end and said that the stage lights were very hot.

Oh, that is the other thing. It wasn't held at their school. Instead it was across town on a real stage in an autitorium. Quite a production for such a small school.

We were proud though. Kalli did an absolutely wonderful job. And by absolutely wonderful I mean that she didn't cry and actually sang. Or at least she moved her mouth.