April 4, 2009

To begin I have to do a birthday shout out. I don't want to have anyone feel left out :) Today is my friend, Bill's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL!

Wanna hear a very sad story?

I was just out in my parent's backyard getting some pictures of spring. With the fact that tomorrow it is suppose to snow, predictions say about an inch, I really need some proof that it is spring and there is hope. I need a reason to wake up tomorrow because honestly, I can't take any more winter. The idea of cold and snow makes me want to smother myself with a pillow or at the very least hibernate until it is warmer out. One of the bloggers that I read actually posted yesterday about her garden (a garden? in April?) and how her tomato plants are flowering. FLOWERING!! It'll be at least a month before we can even think about planting anything outside, and she is already seeing flowering tomatoes. Ridiculous.

So anyway, I digress. Taking pics in the yard when suddenly my camera wouldn't take anymore pictures. I looked at my camera to find that the battery was too low and therefore the camera refused to go on anymore. Can you believe that I allowed my battery to get that low? I had known that it was getting to the point of needing to be charged, but I didn't think that it was that low. I'm now considering buying an extra battery to keep in my bag. Of course that would mean that I'd have two batteries that I'd have to charge.

On the other hand, I was able to get a couple pictures before my battery died.

Nest from front tree at my moms