April 6, 2009

Yesterday the girls were both having issues with allergies. the day turned into evening it was obvious that Kalli's issues weren't just allergies. A little before bed I took her temperature and she was at 100.1 degrees. A dose of acetaminophen, some cuddling, and about half hour later she was off to bed.

This morning Kalli woke coughing and I decided to keep the peanut home. She spent the majority of her day sitting on the couch playing on the laptop and laying down watching tv. The only things she put into her belly was some soup and some cinnamon/sugar toast. The girl even asked for water over other beverages. If that doesn't convince you that she is a sick little girl look at the picture I took tonight before bed. And after she took a 4 hour nap.

I don't know what is up with the bloodshot area on her eye and is it just me or do those eyes look sick and bruised? This is how Kalli's eyes get when she is sick. I don't know if she rubs them more or what, but they get very bruised looking. My poor fair-skinned peanut.

The only venturing outside that we did was for scheduled dentist appointments for both the girls. Kalli had her first ever x-rays and cleaning, Cassie had a cleaning. Both girls did wonderfully and have no cavities. Yeah girls! At least we seem to be doing something right.

Lastly, because I didn't do a post last night, I need to do a birthday shout out a day late (sorry). Yesterday was my brother-in-law, Tim's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TIMMY!!