April 3, 2009

So I meant to post this Friday night, however our internet was being pissy. Therefore I couldn't connect and I couldn't reset the internet because Andy was playing xbox live (his Friday nite thing) That is what happens when I have a post all ready to go ahead of time.

Would you like an example of how good I am at multi-tasking? Right now, as I type this I am sitting in the office of Cassie's brace maker. (Regularly known as an Othotist, but I prefer to call him the brace maker) I packed up my laptop to bring with because I knew that it would be about an hour long appointment. I brought a book and Cassie's Didj to entertain her and figured I could get a post written while we passed the time. Although, it won't get posted while I'm in here as there is no wi-fi that I can steal borrow. Even my phone doesn't work well while we're in here. Makes it more fun if someone tries to call me.

We are here to get a new bottom to Cassie's long leg brace. Turns out that she is quite hard on her equipment. The first example of this is the brace that is currently being taken apart, the new part shaved, drilled on and put back together.

When she first got her current brace it worked as it was suppose to. However, as she walks through each step she ends up bending the ankle of the brace. Bet you didn't realize how strong my girlie is. All this bending has actually torqued the brace to be a little crooked...even when off of the body. This bending and torquing has also has ended up rubbing a part of her ankle raw. This isn't a good thing as her legs and feet take quite a while to heal and we have to watch for infection and such.

The second example of how hard Cassie is on her equipment comes when you look at her loftstrand crutches. You see, they are suppose to be adjustable and able to grow with her for a while. I say suppose to because they don't. About a week ago we took them into the home medical place that we recieved them from under a year ago. They tried to work their magic on them with no success. They even had us come back another time to work on them. After 30 minutes they came out and told us that they would order new crutches for her. It seems that somehow Miss Cassie has cemented the inside of her crutches together. Makes it interesting when it comes to the adjusting part. My guess is the fact that she likes playing in the sandbox combined with dust and such just was too much for the poor little things. She should get the new crutches early this next week. All the people at the home medical store asked was that every week or so, we take the crutches apart, wipe them clean of dust and lube them. They are stumped as to why this has happened. I just smile and say that my girl is talented.

Anyway, today we are getting a new, thicker in plastic bottom to Cassie's brace. We are hopeful that this will withstand her wrath. I find this all funny from a little girl that according to where her Spina Bifida site is, was never suppose to walk. Cassie has always defied odds. Anytime someone has told her she wouldn't or couldn't do something, she has proved them wrong. I love that about her. She is determined and headstrong. Two qualities that I hope she matter how much they drive me crazy when she is a teen.

Side note: Cassie just subtracted 55 - 34 in her head for the game that she is playing on her Didj. AND got the right answer. Her math is really coming along. :)

It is 9:30pm and Cassie and I are sitting here getting ready for bed. Cassie is going to tell me what to type as she would like to give you an update.

My brace bothers me when I walk, but not when I sit down. And it felt really wierd when I stood on it for the first time, but right now I don't have my braces on and it doesn't feel wierd. I know that it is good for my leg to have the brace keeping my foot straight and that the wierd feeling will go away. And right now I am really mad at momma because I do not know how to type without looking at the keyboard.

(I was watching her while she was dictating. It was funny to see her stare at me and then look at the screen....she is in awe of me. I'm a God :) LOL)

We're off to bed now. Good night internet peeps!