April 28, 2009

Let's start things off right here today. I have a couple little announcements. First off, I'm pregnant. JUST KIDDING! Wouldn't that be miraculous. And a little frightening.

Actually, though, first off yesterday was my parents' 35th anniversary. Happy Anniversary mom and dad! Exactly how does it feel to be married for 35 years? I mean, I'm married for almost 9 years now and I have to say that I already can't remember being without Andy. I mean this in a good way, of course.

Next though, I'd like to wish my Bestest Friend a happy birthday. Happy Birthday Becky! And because I love her so much...I want to share a picture of her with you. She wasn't thrilled about me taking this picture, but I had brought her flowers and balloons to work so I insisted.

Doesn't she look thrilled? After I left Becky's work I headed down to Baird's Creek to take some pictures. I got some very nice pictures, which I will probably share over the next couple days. I'm just hoping that I didn't also get too big of a dose of allergens. I really don't want to break out in hives tonight. Being allergic to things in an area that you love sucks. When I have a 'intense' breakout of hives I find myself thinking about moving to a desert somewhere. A place where there is no grass or trees. Maybe just a cactus, some sand, and a nice lake. I enjoy being down in Baird's Creek walking around and tonight we took the girls down there for a short little walk. Cassie enjoyed the challenge of uneven ground and being in a new area and I can totally see Kalli loving to hike long distance when she gets older. They both have asked to go back already.

As I was walking around on my own earlier in the day I heard a rustling of leaves near me and froze in hopes of getting a good picture of a chipmunk or squirrel. Instead, as I scanned the leaves near me, I spotted a snake. A live snake. Being that it is only April and the temperature today only got to 44 degrees I was surprised that a snake was even out. I did, however, get over my shock and go into photographer mode.

I did get several other pictures of the snake, but I won't scare you with those. Here are some happy flower pictures to end the post. Let me know what you think.


Becky said...

eww on two accounts: 1. that pic of me is awful 2. that pic of the snake makes me shriek. i can't believe its on the same post as my happy birthday wish. ahhh :)