April 24, 2009

This should have been posted last night, but I wasn't able to get the video put in until today as my Kalli was calling for me. Some things are more important then posting.

My mom told me a Kalli story today and I can't remember the beginning part, but you don't need it to enjoy the story.

Grandma: I think you are fibbing.
Kalli: I am not a fib
Grandma: No, I said you are fibbing. A fib is the same as lying.
Kalli: I am not flying!

I'm thinking she needs her ears cleaned out.

Yesterday Cassie went to work with my mom for 'take your child to work day'. The biggest part of the day was when they headed to Oshkosh to tour a bridge. How is it you tour a bridge? I don't know, but they did. The bridge in question is a newly built bridge and the 'tour' included watching the bridge open and shut. Also, getting to wear a bright vest and a hardhat.

Isn't she super cute? Too bad she couldn't have brought it home...she could have started a new trend at school. She did bring home a few things, one of which was a really nice water bottle. I've already laid claim to it...though Cassie doesn't know it yet.

I have one last thing for you before I go cuddle with my Kalli girl (she is calling for me to come to bed...yes it is only 8:00) The other day I had my niece over and I was taking some pictures (I know shocking!) when I got her giggling. I grabbed my camera that also does videos and got some of her laughter on record. She is so darn cute. Enjoy!