New Banner

Second post for the day, though it is a short one. I just wanted to point out the new banner. The 'Boing Boing' has a story behind it, which I'd like to explain.

Once upon a long time ago, I was little. Shocking, I know. One Easter Eve I was laying in bed talking with my mom when suddenly she said, "Did you hear that?" Hear what, I asked? "It sounded like bouncing....like a 'boing boing' " I listened intently and my naive ears did hear a boing boing. I. Heard. The. Easter. Bunny. I ran off to bed because, like Santa the Bunny doesn't come if you are up and about.

Looking back, sure I was naive, but when you are young you believe so hard that even the sound of the bunny coming is feasable. Boing Boing!


Becky said...

i am constantly amazed at your memory.