For the past week we've had extended family in town. Andy's brother has been in town with his wife and son. We've been trying to spend time with them and bond some while they are here because today at 2:00 their plane leaves sending them back across the country to their home. It's been nice having them here, though the reason that they are here isn't so nice. As I mentioned very briefly last week, Andy's grandma (Gigi) passed away Monday, January 23.

I'd like to share a little background. We had been away from Andy's family for reasons that I am not going to go into because my gosh it would take days to explain all of that and seriously we've put it behind us. (besides, this isn't an episode of Donahue) In January 2008, I received an email from my sister in law, Trina, telling us that Gigi wasn't doing very well and that if we were willing to try to work things out they were willing as well. Long story short... Andy and I decided that as difficult as it would be, it was time to try again with his family.

And I have to say that I'm very glad that we did. Family isn't always easy, you have several personalities coming together...therefore it will never be easy. However, we were able to have a whole year with Gigi. A year, that if Trina would not have contacted us, we would have missed spending with her. It was a long winding year as Gigi's health wavered and there were several times that we didn't think she'd make it as long as she did. But Gigi was a feisty woman and was going to do things in her own time.

As hard as this process and the funeral has been for me and the fact that it was like reliving my own grandma's funeral (without being numb this time around) I'm glad that we were able to be there. I'm glad that Gigi was able to see the girls and see everyone back together. I will always remember Gigi as a strong feisty woman. The woman that one time told her daughters to 'Go to hell'.