March 8, 2009

This past Friday was the Sock Hop at Cassie's school. This is her third dance and I have to say that not much changes at these dances. The music varies a little, the kids grow, and who chases who switches. But other then that it is the same. Us parents visited with each other while watching the kids run around like they've had sugar injected directly into their blood streams. I know that my girls had a wonderful time because when we left they were wound extremely tight. However, as soon as Cassie calmed down, she was O-U-T! It must have been all that chasing a couple select boys.

Boy does girl chase boy/boy chase girl bring back memories. I remember spending recesses chasing the boys. And why did you chase them? I dunno. And what did you do when you caught them? I dunno...hold them captive for a little bit and then let them go so you could chase them again.

Kalli spent the beginning of the dance following Cassie and her friends before going off on her own to dance, hop, and make beelines from the 'dance floor' to Andy and I. Next year when we go to the school dance both of the girls will be students there and have their own friends. In other'll be interesting.