February 23, 2009

Alright. So I've been told today that I'm slacking at the posts (hi mom) and that I should go back to posting everyday like I did for NaBloPoMo in November. Super idea, however...some days there is nothing to blog about. Sure I could give you the rundown of my day. It goes like this:

7 - wake up and get kids ready for school
8 - put kids on bus
clean/grocery shop/sit around and eat bon bons
11 - pick kalli up from school
eat lunch/lay with kalli until she falls asleep/start dinner/eat more bon bons
4 - cassie and andy get home
eat supper/help with homework/listen to kids play and fight/hide in closet to eat more bon bons
7 - get kids ready for reading and then bedtime
relax/play on computer some/watch tv/actually talk with my husband/think about eating bon bons
10 - go to bed so i can do the same thing the next day.

Now...on the days where the kids don't have anything inspirational to say, there is nothing to post about. It is the same ol same ol. You try finding a post worthy moment in there. :)

Today, well I have plenty to post about but am too tired to post about it. Therefore I'll sum it up.

  • Andy's grandmother (Gigi) passed away today at about 445.
  • One of the women that I worked close with (when I worked full time) was hit by a garbage truck today on her walk into work. She is stable, but in intensive care. She will be having several surgeries in the upcoming days and had one today.
  • Andy was told today that one of his co-workers has liver cancer and has 6months-2years to live. She has been ill for some time and fought cancer several times already.
On a good note...I have my niece tonight to keep me distracted so that I hopefully don't dwell on the above more then necessary. Pictures to come tomorrow when my brain isn't so numb.