February 19, 2009

This past weekend Andy and I decided to give in to our wants and we ordered a Wii Fit off of It arrived on Tuesday and I unboxed it carefully and set it up. However, we weren't able to really 'play' with it that night because I had my niece and I do have priorities. (in case your wondering...nieces come before playing. Especially baby neices that want their Auntie Paula.) However, yesterday morning I put in 36 Wii Fit minutes and last night Andy and I did a few of the activities. This morning Andy texted me from work telling me that his calves were hurting and I have to say that I am sore as well. I sucked it up today though and put in about 20 minutes and will probably do a little more with Andy tonight. I'm wondering, though, how is it ones hips, calves, and thighs can ache so much from standing on a 'balance board'.

I have my favorite activities already and let me tell you that they do not include any of the strength items (this is because I have no strength) or running. I've done the running activity and I understand that it gets your heart rate up and that is good. However, I find myself asking...why on Earth am I running? Seriously...I'm running in place, getting nowhere, and what is so important that I'm trying to get there fast? Are my kids in danger? Is there a monster after me? If I stop running is someone going to cane me? If the answer to these questions is indeed no, then why is it I am running? And yet, I do it. Except for today because of the aforementioned leg pains.