February 17, 2009

I crawled into bed last night and had a very hard time getting my legs to relax. I was sore and my hip was screaming at me. Just about the time I was beginning to drift off to sleep, Cassie came into the room. Her stomach and throat felt funny and her back was hurting. I let her lay on the floor to sleep but it was quickly evident that she wasn't settling down. I asked what was going on and found out that she was beginning to feel like she was going to be sick. I obtained a container for her and sat with her for over an hour as she shook from feeling overheated and then getting too cold. All in all that feeling that you get when you feel like you are going to be sick and then go into wishing to get it over with. She did exactly that. Cassie began with saying that she is a little scared to throw up, went onto I don't like feeling like this, and finally got to why can't I just throw up already. Finally around 1 this morning we were able to get to sleep. Cassie slept the rest of the night fine and woke up this morning feeling normal. I, however, kept her home because I wanted to monitor her. And, because I was too tired to argue with Kalli, I let her stay home too as a mental health day. Mommy needed a mental health day.

The girls played quietly and nicely all morning and even did a puzzle together. By themselves. I was very impressed with the fact that they put this 100 piece puzzle together by themselves that I took pictures.

Later in the day I was able to get some help cleaning. They actually offered to help.

Kalli wet Swiffered the bathroom and Cassie wet Swiffered the kitchen for me. Cassie dusted and Kalli picked up all the toys that were out in the living room. Funniest part of cleaning was after Kalli had finished the bathroom. I was doing dishes and she came to me and said, "You'll never go back to your old mop and broom again." Hey Swiffer...do you need a new spokesperson?

If the girls stay this cooperative this summer should be a breeze. Once or twice a week we'll get our cleaning done and they will have jobs to help out. And I'm considering throwing in the jobs I don't want to do as things they have to do if I hear the words 'I'm bored'. For instance...cleaning under the stove, dusting/wiping down the moldings around the base of rooms, or washing cabinet fronts. I could get a lot accomplished :)


Becky said...

let me know if you start putting out "girls for hire" signs. my house needs cleaning! PS. that first comment could be interpreted badly. Note i did not mean you should prostitute your girls...they're far too young yet :)