February 16, 2009

Today has been a long day. And I'm tired. By tired I mean that I'm to the point where my eyes are burning and I'm trying not to smash my head face first into the keyboard bobble-head style. Of course this is only made worse by the fact that it isn't close to bed time yet. It is actually just 6:00pm. This means that there is an hour and a half before I can put the girls in their room without feeling guilty for being a lazy mom. And at least two, and more likely more, hours before I can request them to shut eyes and drift off to the land of sugarplum fairies. That being said, oh my gosh do I want to put them to bed early. I remember those times when as a teen I'd babysit and after a hectic day with kids put them to bed a little earlier then I should have because I wanted quiet. Only now do I realize what I probably put those parents through.

Kids don't sleep til you want them to get up. It seems that if you put them to bed an hour earlier then their little bodies are used to, that they do indeed get up an hour earlier in the morning. Oh the injustice! This means, if I put my darling Cassie to bed an hour earlier then normal, she would be up at 3am to wake me and let me know that she is hungry. And then at 3am I would have to tell her that it was in middle of the night (because for me...3am is in middle of the night. It is still dark...therefore not yet morning. My parents who do actually get up around this insane time are just that....Nuts!) and to go back to bed. And for some reason, at that hour...I don't care where she sleeps, so long as she lets me go back to bed. This is why she ends up spending part of the night on our floor... because as long as I get to sleep and there is quiet in the world, I don't care.

In fact, robbers could come in middle of the night, steal everything and long as they were quiet about it and left my family safe I wouldn't care. Okay let's not kid ourselves...they'd also have to leave my camera, laptop, computer, and Rachel Ray cookware. Sure I'd be upset that some stranger was in my home, but at least I got a good night's sleep.

So I know you have been wondering about where I'm at with knitting. I mentioned it once or twice, but never after that. Well, I've been working on a baby afghan and am slowly making progress. It would, of course, help if I had more time to sit and work on it uninterrupted. Maybe next year when Kalli is in school all day too.


On another note, tomorrow (February 17) is a couple special people's birthday. So I'd like to take a moment to with both of them a very happy birthday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to my brother, TONY!

I hope the both of you have an excellent day. People who share your day are Michael Jordan, Larry the Cable Guy, Montgomery Ward, and last but not least....Paris Hilton. Your Welcome for that one.


Becky said...

my not psycho sister Sarah has a birthday today too :)