Valentine's Day 2009

This post should have been posted the night of February 15, however, my laptop died. Yes, the laptop that I had just gotten earlier that day. Now sure I could have gone on my regular computer to put the post up on the site, however I was busy fuming from the fact that the second time I turned my brand new laptop on killed it. So instead I sat stewing while Andy called the place we got the laptop from and spoke with them.

Today I brought the laptop to said place and they fixed it. Seems that the webcam that this laptop comes equipped with needs an update done to it or else it kinda kills the computer. Darn webcam. Though I can't complain. The girls and I have a blast playing with the camera. Can't wait to get them singing and such. :)

Anyway...onto the post that should have been posted over 14 hours ago. Enjoy!

No post yesterday because I was out celebrating Valentine's and by the time we got home I was too darn tired.

We started the day off with taking my dad and the girls to lunch at the buck burger place. Yum! Mind you this was at 11:00. So we started the day pretty late. Sleeping in on Valentine's day is the best way to start the day off. After lunch, we headed to Build a Bear as a surprise for the girls. When we rounded the corner in the mall to head down to the Build a Bear store we saw that everyone else in the city decided on the same Valentine's gift for their child. Super! I always love gifts that include standing in a line for over an hour.

The line was pretty steady moving, but it still took over an hour to get from the mall hallway through the entire store and back out into the hallway. The girls were very excited with their purchases and I was pretty sure that was the most expensive hour of my life. Well, aside from those therapy sessions that I'll have to pay for when the kids blame me for screwing them up. I mean seriously, how can two stuffed animals and two accessories cost so much? How can these people sleep at night? It is probably the high end mattresses, pillows, and mansions that help them sleep. They aren't stressing about the economy.

Anyway, we left with happy children and tired legs. Later that evening Andy took me out to supper at Mackinaws and out to a movie. I got to pick the movie and ended up deciding on Slumdog Millionaire. Let me tell you...awesome movie. I'd recommend it to anyone that is looking for a movie to see. After the movie we headed home for an early night and just hung out. We're getting old, I think. comments!

So here are the girls new friends. Cassie got a black lab which she named 'Max'. For Max she got a wheelchair. I'm not sure if Max needs the chair or if he just likes it because it has four wheels and goes fast.

Kalli picked out a zebra that she named...depending when you ask her...either 'Beauty Stripes' or 'Stripes Beauty'. For madame zebra she got a Sleeping Beauty dress. I know, shocking. It isn't like Kalli likes princesses or Sleeping Beauty at all.

As you can see, a good day was had by all. Hope that your day was enjoyable as well.