Update on project 'stay in your bed, kid' before I staple your jammies to the mattress

Of course the staples probably wouldn't stay in the mattress, so really what is the use? I'm thinking maybe the threat would be enough, but knowing my kids they would just laugh at me.

Last night we put the nice warm and soft sheets on the girls' beds and crossed our fingers. This morning Cassie was still in her bed. Hurray! I know this victory may be short-lived, but I'm taking one day at a time and celebrating the small wins.

Kalli, however, was in our bed. She has an excuse though. Her excuse? I let her come in our bed. I know that I'm probably self-sabatoging, but my little Miss Kalli is having issues. And this is where I'm going to add some change to her therapy fund. I'm sure that when she is grown she'll cringe as she reads this post, but Momma needs to share some. And here I'll issue a small warning that I'm going to talk about bodily functions, but as delicately as possible. Feel free to skip ahead if you need to.

Kalli has pretty much always had borderline constipation issues. Her BMs aren't really formed, but more marble-like. Seriously, I still look at her output sometimes and wonder if she is really part rabbit.

Yesterday she complained of belly aches all day. This normally means that she needs to use the 'facilities'. And she would try, but didn't have any success. Last night at about 12:30am she called me into her room and said that she needed to go to the bathroom. Stumbling and really wishing that lights weren't so darn bright, I sat with her in the bathroom waiting. And waiting. She finally broke into tears crying that it was "sooo hard." Now the only time that I have had to deal with being constipated is when I was pregnant, but I can tell you from those moments that it does suck. Therefore, you can understand that when she still couldn't go, I invited her to lay with me. She would still be uncomfortable, but at least she would know that Momma was there.

As of this moment, the issue still is unresolved and I'm monitoring things. I have to admit that last night I spiked her water with a little bit of Cassie's Miralax. It is easy on the digestive track, but aides in getting things moving. I gave her only a little, but am crossing my fingers that it helps.

Here's to hoping I wake up tomorrow with a more comfortable child that is in her own bed. If not, I may be calling the doctors office yet. Or threatening her with prunes.