Notice anything different? Look up at the header. Looks a little nicer then the other one. At least I think so. My brother is over tonight playing XBox with Andy and he fixed it for me. Nice of him, isn't it. Let's just say that I feel so much better with Photoshop working. It was like having a limb cut off not having it. I like being able to play with pictures and make pretty banners.

So it is 12:15 AM right now and the guys are still playing on the xbox. I'm tired and ready to head to bed, but Andy has told me that they are almost finished. And I hope so. I feel strange going to bed with people here. Especially since one of my brother's friends is here as well.

Nice thing about them being out in the living room though is that the girls know that someone is still up and have stayed in their room so far. Though they did call me in there a bit ago saying that they couldn't sleep. Ugh!

Tonight we had the Girl Scout meeting in which we talked about the rules for selling cookies. Know what that means, folks? It's almost time for those wonderful cookies!