I didn't even get a dinner first.

My appointment today went good. At least until the point at which I was violated. I know it is part of the exam, but least give me a gift certificate for dinner. Being a woman sucks sometimes. I made myself feel better by doing a little shopping after picking up a new prescription.

As I was walking around the store I found flannel sheets that were on clearance. Kalli has told me that she likes my sheets because they are soft and warm. I asked if she would stay in her bed if she had flannel sheets and she said yes. See where I'm going with this??? :)

They had sets that were perfect for each of the girls and so I bought them. Look at the patterns and you'll see that I just had to.

The girls flipped over the sheThen I wandered over to the purse section because well...if you know me, you know my love of purses. I found one that was also on clearance. See, clearance...I did good.ets and we had to put them on the beds right away so they could sleep on the warm soft sheets tonight. Which, if it keeps them in their room, was fine by me.

I still don't care for being violated, but at least now I feel better about it. And letting Andy know all about my appointment and how I was violated was a good way let Andy know that I needed a little spoiling.