January 11, 2009

Today I started a new hobby. One that I never thought I'd find myself doing. I watched this video that was posted on one of the blogs that I read, Balancing Everything, and today while at my mom's I tried it. With a few questions that my mom answered, I started to knit a....I'm not quite sure what it is yet. Maybe a pot holder. Maybe a small blanket for the girls to use with their barbies. Maybe a scarf. We'll just have to see. It isn't perfect (Hey give me a break...this is my first attempt after learning from watching a video once.) and I seem to have gained width on it somehow. I'm special like that.

I plan on trying to knit more things, though I'm not sure what. Then I'm also going to take on crocheting. I know a little about crocheting, but it has been a while since I've done anything. If nothing else, I can crochet a chain that I can use to tie up the kids.

Yesterday was Cassie's family birthday party. We had cake and ice cream, she opened gifts, and we visited. I was very impressed with my little girl as she said thank yous without prompting and even before she opened the gift. She'd open the card, thank the person, open the present, and usually thank again. After she was finished opening gifts I had her say one big thank you to everyone before we moved onto cake and ice cream. Between her manners and the sharing with her little sister (though she didn't really have to..I told her it was up to her. It is her day) Cassie made me very proud of her. She really is turning into a wonderful young lady.

*We're growing bangs out. If you went through the process of growing out your bangs ever, you'll remember what a pain in the behind it is.*

Lastly for tonight, I want to share something Cassie said today that made me laugh out loud.
She was standing, balancing without crutches, by my parent's couch. She lost her balance and fell. She got back up and said, "Falling looks like it is easy. And it is."

Gosh, I love that girl!