January 7, 2009

Tomorrow I have a physical scheduled. Is it sad that I'm excited about it? I haven't had a physical since...well...since before Kalli was born. I know, I know...I'm bad. Somehow (and I know you'll be shocked by this revelation) when you have children, you kind of slack on taking care of yourself. It's like you're busy being a parent or something.

When I go to my appointment tomorrow I'm bringing a list of questions/inquiries/complaints with me. I'm sure that my doctor will be THRILLED to see me. I'm just hoping to leave my appointment with some answers.

You'll have to excuse the fact that I don't know what to post about and therefore haven't been posting often.

The girls have been coming into our room in middle of the night for about the last week. It's been leading to very little sleep for me as I'm the one that wakes up several times during the night and notices that they are in the room. And then there is the fact that I have to get up to get the kids going in the morning. Have I ever told you how much I don't like mornings? And mornings after not getting much sleep suck. We're trying to get the girls to stay in their room all night, but so far it isn't going so well. I suppose it would be frowned upon to cuff them to their beds just during sleeping hours. I wouldn't ever really do it, but when you're going without sleep your mind does come up with its own solutions.

Now if I could get my mind to come up with solutions for other more pressing issues. Like how to get the little fairies to come clean my room up for me.