January 4, 2009

I apologize for the kinda icky looking banner. My Photoshop program is having "issues" (meaning it is being a pain in the ass) so I had to use Paint. I'm working on fixing Photoshop, but am having troubles. (meaning I have no idea what is wrong with it.)

This morning I woke to my van being encased in about one-eighth of ice. As I had to go out because my girls were not here, Andy and I spent about 5 minutes, each with scrappers in hand, chipping ice off the windows. Even the tires were coated with ice. Luckily, though, the roads were pretty good.

When I spoke with Kalli this morning, before heading out to see the ice, she told me to be careful and keep my balance on the ice. She really is a sweet girlie.

Tomorrow is back to the grind for Andy and the girls. Kalli is already talking about how much she is going to miss me when she is at school. I foresee tears tomorrow morning.

It has really been nice having everyone home. I had thought that it would be more of a headache then pleasant, but I was mistaken. Makes me think that maybe this coming summer will be tolerable with the girls home. Maybe they will get along more then not and they won't say that they are bored a thousand times.

A girl can dream....right?