January 18, 2009

Last Thursday and Friday the girls were both home from school because of the weather. I'm relieved because I didn't have to stand outside in the -30 or lower weather, but struggled with keeping them occupied. Thursday we made homemade playdough and also played one of the new games they had gotten for Christmas. (Candoo)

Friday we ended up braving the cold to go to see Hotel for Dogs at the theater. The girls loved the movie and it was something to break up our day.

Tomorrow it is back to school and the daily grind. Which for me, means I put kids on bus and be Susie Homemaker. :)

Today was the baptism of my niece, Kaitlynn. She was absolutely beautiful and was so good during the service. I had some trouble deciding which picture to put up from the baptism, but decided that I loved this picture of the family all together smiling happily. (even though Paula is pointing the camera at them...AGAIN!)

Lastly, it is cookie time for my little Girl Scouts. If you are interested in ordering cookies, please give me a call. Cassie will appreciate it.