I don't like purple!

Cassie got home from school, we had supper, we went to conferences for Cassie, and then we came home. And that is when the crying started. And the crying ensued. Oh the crying. Oh the tears. The crying, "I don't like purple."


Kalli is upset because she is hungry and we've said no snacks because it is almost bedtime. What does purple have to do with anything? I have no idea.

Andy: Why don't you like purple?
Kalli: I don't like purple when I'm sad.
Andy: But you like purple when you are happy?
Kalli: Yyyyeaaaaaahhhhhh. (crying continues)
I'm seriously considering putting her in acting classes. She is so unbelievably dramatic.

Luckily she did get over the wanting a snack bit. And she moved onto "I love you so much" bit. Of course this was when she was put to bed and didn't want to go to sleep. This is becoming an every night occurrence. She calls me in there about 3 times telling me that she loves me so much and that she just can't stop loving me. I'm not sure what this has to do with going to bed, but it stalls, so I guess it works well for her.

Tonight was Cassie's conference with her teacher. We didn't learn anything that we didn't already know, however it is always nice to visit with her teacher and to discuss things with all parties (Cassie, teacher, parents) present. This way Cassie knows that we are all on the same page, what exactly is expected of her, what she needs to work on, and what we are thrilled with.

Tomorrow is Cassie's school concert. I can't wait to see the songs that she has been working on as she has been keeping them a secret from me. You know there will be pictures on tomorrow's blog. At least I hope I get decent pictures.