January 13, 2009

Earlier today Kalli and I were home alone and I was trying to get a couple things accomplished. All of a sudden she hit me on my rear. I turned and looked at her and asked why she did that. She replied, with a completely serious face, "Cassie did it."
I told her that Cassie was at school. She said "she is invisible"
Then I asked her if Cassie had turned invisible, came all the way home just to spank me, and then went back to school. Kalli said, "yup"

She did it a couple more times through the day saying that "Cassie did it."

I don't even know where to go with this.

Then tonight, we were all in the living room, Andy and I sitting on the couches. Cassie was standing next to where Andy was sitting and I was across the room. Kalli went up to Cassie and hit her on her rear. When Cassie turned to look at her Kalli said, "Mommy did it."


Mind you she hasn't been hitting hard and she is just playing, but I'm so confused where this came from. At the end of the day I did tell her that she can't blame other people for things she does, but I have to say I find myself laughing when I turn away. The things this girl does.