November 13, 2008

Holy Crumpets!

As I went to write this post tonight I saw that this is post number 501. GO ME!!

Tonight was our first Girl Scout meeting. First thing on our agenda was to talk about things the girls would like to do during this year. After that we went into earning a badge...on manners. Thought that we'd start the year with manners in hopes to make a impression.

It seemed to have worked on Cassie some. Either that or she was abducted by aliens.

After all the girls were gone Cassie cleaned up the living room, her bedroom, and asked me to "please put her shirt in the hamper". Andy and I found ourselves just staring at each other blankly.

I may have lost my mind though as I agreed to have another sleepover with the entire troop. That would be possibly 8 girls, including Cassie, sleeping over. I'm glutton for punishment, I guess.