November 12, 2008

The girls have had a sticker reward system for a while now. They earn stickers when they do certain things and once they earn so many stickers they get an agreed on prize. Kalli earns stickers by not crying at school, and going to bathroom by herself. Cassie earns stickers by doing her new chore without us asking her to do it and by bringing everything she needs home from school. They both earn stickers by staying in their bed all night.

With the amount of nights that the girls were ending up in our room, we decided to try something new. We told the girls that whenever they came into our room to sleep they would each lose a sticker and they would have to both sleep on the floor. If Kalli crawled into bed with us, she would lose 2 stickers.

This presented a new problem. Peeling off stickers when needed. Then...I had a brainstorm at 11:30 one night, when I was suppose to be sleeping. The next morning, after getting the girls on buses, I headed to the dollar store. I picked up some marble/shiny rocks and 2 glass bowls and created their new reward system.

In one bowl I put all the marbles. In the other bowl I put a paper with what they are working for. Everyday they move marbles as needed. Supervised. (this is a rule I added to keep Kalli from moving all the marbles on her own.) Once they fill the reward bowl, they get whatever they are working for. Here is a picture of our setup. We've been keeping it on the kitchen table as a reminder for them to work for what we've agreed on. In this case the girls are working on a trip to the Building for Kids.


Tonight when Cassie arrived home from school my phone rang. It was for Cassie. Her new best friend wanted to know if she could come over for supper and to play for a few hours. Kalli wasn't very happy about it, but I did let her go. She's never eaten supper at a friend's house and this would be a good time to work on manners. And top it all off with the fact that she brought her homework with was a win win.

On the way home from her friend's house though I learned that she just copied her friend's homework. Cassie and I had a discussion on how we don't do that because 1. You don't learn anything that way and 2. It is considered cheating. I know that it won't happen again.

Side Note: This friend gave Cassie a picture the other day that she had colored. On the back it said "to cassie. You are my best friend." Awww.....

Yesterday morning Kalli wanted her big sister to read her a story. After they were ready for school they had time so Kalli went to find a book and cuddled up to Cassie. I grabbed my camera.