August 19, 2008

In my purse I keep a small notepad. I use this for when the girls need paper to draw on or someone needs to write something down. The main purpose of this notepad, though, is so that I can write down bloggable things. When I first purchased the notepad, it was so that as things happened or were said I could jot down a note about it. That way at the end of the day, when my brain was fried, I could easily write a post or share something the girls had said.

Sounds good in theory. Right?

This process would work out wonderfully if I would use it. For example, earlier today Kalli said something that Cassie and I both in stitches. I should make a note about it to write about, right? Nah... I'll remember what she said. It was halarious. How could I possibly forget it!

Fast forward now to the present, a mere 2 hours later.

Guess what. I forgot it. Ugh. I even went and asked Cassie if she remembered what Kalli said.

Me: Cassie, do you remember earlier today when we were sitting at home and Kalli said something that cracked us up? Do you remember what she said?
Cassie: Blank stare.
Me: Remember it was so funny. We were on the couch and it made us laugh real hard. What did she say?
Cassie: Blank stare.
Me: Do you remember any of it??
Cassie: Nope. (Going back to playing)

So, now I'm writing a post about...nothing. Enjoying it yet?


On another note. Yesterday Andy called our horrible customer service place as we still hadn't recieved our refund. When he had spoke to them early last week, they had sent us an email saying it would take 1-3 days. It had as of yesterday been 4 business days.

Once he got through to someone, they put him on hold. For close to 10 minutes. Not sure if you can sense the unhappiness in reading this, but it is there.

When they finally came back on the line they told him that the refund was approved today. (Meaning yesterday, the day they were talking) It should show up in our account any day now.

Uh-huh. Sure.

Once Andy was off the phone, he shared with me what they had said. We both agreed that more then likely they had done the refund while we were on hold. Maybe they were hoping that we wouldn't call back and they could keep our money.

Last night I was checking my email and saw that I had reveived one from this company, that I won't name on here. (But if you want to get trampoline parts let me know and I'll tell you who NOT to go through) The email I received had been sent 4 hours earlier (about the time Andy spoke with them) and showed the amount we would be getting back along with other details. We are sure that the refund only went through because we called again.

And... Low and behold. The money is back in our account today. It's about time.