August 20, 2008

Today I planned a fun day for the girls only I didn't tell them until we were getting ready to go. With only 2 weeks left until school starts, I want to fit some fun days into the end of the summer. Today I packed some sandwiches, water, and bananas and took the girls to the park. They played, ate, and enjoyed themselves.

Once back in the car Cassie noticed that one of her braces was broke. The top and bottom of her long leg brace are connected with a screw-type thing. This screw-type thing was missing. We can't just let a fun day go as that. There always has to be some drama.

We made a stop off to get it fixed and headed home finally. I shooed the girls off for quiet time right away and I put things away. Before quiet time was even over Andy was home. So while it was a very fun day, it was also quite a long day.


Every night when the girls go to bed they read for about half hour until we say it is lights out time. Tonight was no different until Cassie called for me.

Me: What do you need?
Cassie: Can I come sleep with you?
Me: Why?
Cassie: When I get old do I have to die? (tearing up and starting to cry)
Me: What?? (Crawling in bed and holding her)
Me: Where did this come from?
Cassie: I just started thinking about it.
Me: Honey, everything dies at some point, but people live for a long time normally.
Cassie: I don't want to die. I'll miss out on the fun.
Me: Cassie, if you only think about that now, you'll miss out on all the fun of growing up.
Cassie: I can't stop thinking about it.
Me: Try thinking about all the fun we had today. Like when you hit the ball that I pitched to you and it came back and hit me in the belly. Think about the fun we'll have this weekend when we go camping and head down to the beach.
Cassie: I'll try
Me: I love you, try to get some rest.

I have no idea where it came from, but it makes me feel horrible. The tears, worried look, and asking if she could come sleep with me. She is 7. She shouldn't have to worry about getting old and dying. And I don't remember reading anything about this or the guilt that is accompanying it in the "Childrearing Manual".