March 10, 2008

Why is it kids want one thing until you give them it and then they want the other thing instead? Cassie has always wanted cold lunches and this week, because of her throat, we are giving her cold lunches. You'd think that she would be happy, right?? Wrong. She came home from school today saying that she wants hot lunch tomorrow. When I tried to explain that because of her throat there are things that she can't have, she started crying. Oy!


Today I received my new ring. This ring replaces my wedding band, which cracked several months ago along with my engagement ring. My engagement ring, down the road, will be made into a necklace or pendant. My new ring, though, is beautiful. When we were looking at rings, my idea was to use the stone from my engagement ring in a new setting. The cost was higher then what we were thinking and that is when Andy had an idea. Andy's idea was to get a ring that had caught my eye, which contained diamonds and colored stones, and use sapphires as the colored stone. Sapphires happen to be the stone for September, which is the month we were married. I found this extremely romantic. Today my ring came in and we went right away to get it.

Would you like to see it? Here is a picture that I took of it today. Though it is hard to tell in this picture, it is white gold and like I said before, the colored stones are sapphires.

Isn't it beautiful?? This picture is taken without flash so that it didn't reflect back at me. Though I did get some pictures like that. Makes it look very shiny.