Hello Calgone....this way please.

What a day! I spent the majority of today in the vehicle running. Cassie had an appointment to have her braces adjusted. I could tell that they needed adjusting, little did I know that they would need to be adjusted by an inch. This means that she grew an inch just in the legs. I do not remember giving her permission to grow! Lately it feels like both girls have shot up quickly. Pants that at Christmas I had to roll up for Kalli are now fitting perfectly lengthwise, Cassie's pants are all starting to look like a flood is coming, and I see a shopping trip in our futures.

Tonight was a rough night for the girls and I. I felt like I spent the entire night yelling at them and they spent the entire night ignoring me and doing everything I asked them not to do. Finally at the end of the night we all sat down and they let me do their hair and we spent time cuddling and relaxing.

As they were in bed reading before lights out, I grabbed my camera and a few props and did a little photo shoot. Great thing about doing this when I did....their faces were actually clean and their hair looked very nice.

When I was looking at the second of these pictures I was surprised to see how much their faces really look alike. Their chins, jaw shape, lips, and eye shape. For the most part I think they look so different that you would never think that they are sisters. However, looking at that picture, I changed my mind.